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Overall score 82

Game Description:  Guide your team through FIVE randomly generated episodes of zombie mayhem! Teamwork is everything, ensure your teamates cover each other as they advance through the episodes. But hurry, the clock is ticking!

  • Collect tokens to revive characters and play episodes
  • Unlock new, diverse episodes as you play
  • Survive the slaughter to continue your combo score run
  • Play well to unlock achievements after each episode!


Walk around the dark hallways as you blast zombies, and grab keys. Explore and don’t miss any keys! A zombie hunter is never out of work,  A huge underground complex is swarming with zombies. Some of them are extremely dangerous. Fortunately, powerups and big fat guns abound.

The Pros
  • Very Addicting Gameplay
  • Long and satisfying campaign missions.
  • Solid gunplay with a wide variety of weapons to unlock and customize.
The Cons
  •  Bit Repetitive game-play
  • background music

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