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Overall score 78

Game Description:  If there is one flash game type that I haven’t really played a good one of lately its turn based shooter strategy games. Luckily I was shown Xenosquad the other day and while it isn’t a new release I missed it when it came out and am glad I am playing it now. Xenosquad has sort of a retro feel although it was released last year but it is still on the list of hot arcade games. I guess you can attribute that retro feel to the 3D-ness of the game and how most 3D games really look behind graphically but then due to that have the retro feel to them.


Either way I like the look albeit the screen and everything is quite hard and you may need to squint to see stats and units. Like I said earlier, Xenosquad is a turn based shooter game and a darn good one at that. At first I thought that Xenosquad was going to be lame to be quite honest but as I played more and more I found myself not being able to put the game down and was astonished at the detail. You can tweak the weapons and stats of each individual soldier you have as well as in battle need to restock ammo and watch the ammo and heat gauge. Quite impressive details I would say.

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