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Overall score 71

Game Description: In case you don’t know how to play I’ll explain it for you. Basically you have a large map of the world, you start out in a random country with a certain number of “troops” in it (just a number). On your turn you then assign your daily number of troops to the countries you control. You then assign those countries to attack other controls either neutral countries or enemy countries. If your troop number is higher than their troop number you have a greater chance to capture it. That’s the premise of the game. Very simple and may sound boring. But if you’re into strategy games and love risk this game is hours of gameplay just waiting for you.


Warlight offers three levels which essentially are just easy, medium, and hard levels. You then have three challenge maps which are difficult level insane. But to further increase replay value, there is a multiplayer option at warlight.net  For a game having great gameplay (aside from a few little buggy issues) I guess I’ll say the graphics are disappointing.

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