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Overall score 72

Game Description: Ever think about the main flash game portals and if they were in an actual war with one another? Well, War of the Web just took that thought into reality! And made an extremely unique flash game concept. You see, in War of the Web, the game plays like the title and my intro paragraph suggest. Different flash game portals are pitted against one another. So depending on where you play, depends on what team you are on. The five different teams are Kongregate (The Kongs), New Grounds (Neo Geo), ArmorGames (Armora), Facebook (F.A.C.E.) and Jiggman (The Jiggs).

WaroftheWebBattleedible as it is the first game I’ve seen that takes a multiplayer concept but makes it site specific and increases camaraderie among like minded portal goers.The gameplay is simple but confusing as a proper in-game tutorial is lacking. Basically it plays as a time management (can only do a certain amount of moves every minute) strategy game where you build various types of buildings such as barracks, armories, HQs, etc.

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