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Overall score 79

Game Description: Wacky Wings? Sound like birds? Superman? Nope, it’s planes! Of course it’s planes. Wacky Wings is a crazy interpretation of the oh so popular sport of plane racing. As with any racing game, you pretty much understand the goal. Win the race! The same is with Wacky Wings. It also features typical environmental factors one would expect in a racing game. Namely, boosts. Although, these boosts are really the only environmental factors in Wacky Wings, albeit the course is literally littered with them. In linear trails actually and if you don’t follow that trail you lose. Simple as that.


An upgrade system is implemented although it is nothing too fancy. Just different airplanes and other flying craft (like U.F.Os and Space Shuttles) but the pricing seems arbitrary and you cannot upgrade boost, turn, etc. like a good upgrade system should feature.

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