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Overall score 78

Game Description: Treasure Hunt is a very beautiful and addictive game about an Irish miner whose name is Sean O’Brian. His job is to collect as much gold, diamonds, crystals and jewels as his mining cart can fit. Controlling the miner is very easy: when you click the left mouse button, you can draw up to six one-color bricks. And when you click the right mouse button, you can shoot them back. Your goal is to collect at least four bricks of the same color.

 images (1)  In Treasure Hunt there are many bonuses which will make your task much easier. Using them you will be able to get rid of lots of bricks at the same time. This will save much time and provide you with more points. When you’ve collected enough diamonds your mission is complete.


  • Colorful Graphics
  • Very Addicting Gameplay

The Cons:

  •  Roasted environment
  •  Bit Repetitive game-play

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