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Overall score 78

Game Description: I don’t normally review paid PC games but I’ll make a few exceptions every now and again. The exception today is for the renowned indie title; The Binding of Isaac which I just picked up the other day from the Steam Summer sale and I recommend you all to do the same. If you don’t know the gameplay of The Binding of Isaac you can play a demo on Newgrounds, Here. But I’ll give a brief rundown. Basically you play as Isaac who is trying to escape from his mother through the basement and into the caves. Now I must warn you the game is quite graphic.


All the enemies are grotesque such as walking brains, corpses, piles of vomit and poop are all around and Isaac himself undergoes plenty… mutilations as the game progresses. But mature content aside the gampleay in The Binding of Isaac is very solid as it utilizes typical shooter action with a random RPG dungeon crawler feel.

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