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Overall score 68

Game Description: You’ve heard of the hit board game Settlers of Catan, right? It’s one of my favorite board games and games in general of all time. Love the strategy aspect of it as it can get very detailed and complex but still retain simplicity as you are only dealing with a finite amount of resources. Now I bring Settlers of Catan up because this free flash game I’m about to review reminds me heavily of Settlers of Catan. Super Strict Farmer to me is a smaller, faster and in some ways more complex free flash game version of Settlers of Catan.

Let me explain. Basically its you against a computer player (or a friend) on a small block of land. This land has various things on it; houses, trees, mountains, a pond, a school, fields, etc. Now just like in Settlers of Catan you need resources to live as well as build things in order to earn victory points (and the most victory points after 12 rounds wins). So as usually you have wood, rock, food and wheat. You start out with two farmers, so you have two actions per “day” or round. In these rounds you want to collect resources or build things trying to get victory points. However, you have to pay close attention to the food level as at the end of each day your farmers consume one food each, if you don’t have food they consume your wheat and if you don’t have any wheat they eat victory points. If you don’t have victory points…they die.

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