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Overall score 75

Game Description: Man, I haven’t played badminton in forever. Ever since I took it as a throwaway easy credit class in University. I loved it and found it really fun, even though I was kind of bad at it. When you think of sports that are represented in video games, especially flash games, badminton is really not one you think of. However, Stick Figure Badminton 2 by Effing Games (of Effing Fruits) challenged that preconceived notion of mine and went ahead and made one. And I must say its a pretty good representation of the sport but it still is pretty bare bones.


Basically it is typical badminton style and you win at point 7. The good thing about Stick Figure Badminton 2 is the graphics are fairly decent for a stick figure game and the controls are spot on. Hitting the birdie feels solid and has good weight physics to it. The characters are also funny you play against (and then unlock) as they have pirates, robots, etc. Always good to have some humor.

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