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Overall score 74

Game Description: Steamlands is a very interesting game and I don’t really use that term lightly. I can easily say I’ve never played a game like it. Basically it combines action elements, with a hint of strategy and real time building/customization of a tank.The premise of Steam-lands is after the great war the land has been left ravished and the roads are swarmed with pirates in big tanks. It’s your job to use your tank to destroy these pirates. But they way you go about this is like no other game I’ve played. For each level you start out with a base tank. Basically it consists of a tire tread square, engine room which if destroyed means you lose, and then you have various amounts and types of armor and weapons. The interesting thing though is you can position the arm

steamlands2or and guns anywhere you want. You could make a really strong front armor but leave your top relatively exposed or the other way around. This freedom really brings the strategy part to the game.

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