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Overall score 86

I have mixed feelings about stealth games. It can be fun sneaking around in the darkness and acting like a spy, but on the other hand I can find them extremely frustrating with the alarms and if you get seen you automatically lose. Nonetheless a new stealth flash game entitled Stealth Hunter 2 is out and well, I like it! I’ll briefly describe what Stealth Hunter 2 is before I get into too much detail. Basically, Stealth Hunter 2 is taking the basic stealth game of the Ultimate Assassin series and transforming it to have a ton more depth. Graphically it has more depth as Stealth Hunter 2 features more 3-D graphics where as of course in Ultimate Assassin everything is pretty basic. But also just the strategy and story elements are what make this flash game plain and simple.. epic. For one you can sneak up on the guards and snap their necks so you can minimize sneaking to a certain extent and later on in the game you can find guns to shoot them with as well.



Other things you can do include planting C4 to gain access through walls, plant land mines for traps, pick locks, hack cameras and other alarm systems, and lots more. You can cause distractions like turning off lights to lure guards away from posts so you can steal intel or hack a computer. Really the depth the game went to really gives a espionage feel.

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