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Overall score 77

Game Description: What is the one thing characteristic of big budget spy movies? Big budget car chases! Well, in Spy Car you take these car chases into reality (well…within the game) complete with the car chases, rocket boosts, rocket  launchers, ramps, jumps, etc. Really the works! Spy Car is interesting in that it combines general physics based racing or motorcycle type games with the action of out racing or killing your enemies on your tail as well as dodging various random obstacles which may fall out of the sky or just appear in your path (flaming hoops, swinging boxes, etc.).



Upgrades are also a big part of Spy Car as the two main things you can upgrade is your machine gun (which fires upon enemies if you are close to them) and your rocket launcher (great for taking down enemies from afar). On top of those, though, you can upgrade health, rocket boost, amount of rockets you have for your launcher, money collection rate and even pimp out your spy car with cool colors.

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