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Overall score 79

Game Description: If you’re like me then final exams and projects are coming closer and closer in University and the stress is killing you! At least its killing me. So any time I can get to just relax is great. Luckily I found Spring Marbles today and it is a very relaxing game. The premise behind Spring Marbles is a slight gameplay twist on a typical puzzle genre. Basically you are given a shape of some sort comprised of many marbles and then you have other smaller shapes you need to get out of this big shape. Only one solution to each and you need to find the perfect shapes! So like I said, this has been done before but for a simple puzzle game like this, what do you expect?


So I did say this game was very relaxing. What I mean by this is while it does take a little bit of thought, the majority of the game you really don’t. You may get the puzzles wrong a few times but it doesn’t stress you out when you lose and you can just undo those turns and try again. Also the music and sound effects are really soothing and help in the whole relaxation mood.

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