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Overall score 65

Game Description: Sonic the hedgehog is a fast paced adventure game which is based on a character named “Sonic”, featuring animated graphics of a group of woodland animals that Sonic hung out with that would play music. Collecting coins and fighting with bosses along the way has never been this much fun before…..

level 1

There are six main levels, or zones, in Sonic the Hedgehog, and then the Final Zone, for seven total. Each zone is split into three “Acts”. Outside of the main levels is the “Special Stage”, which can be accessed at the end of each level by jumping into a giant, spinning ring. For this mystical portal to the Special Stage to appear, you must have fifty rings at the end of each level as you hop into it. There are six special stages, one for each of the Chaos Emeralds you must get before Doctor Robotnik does.Each new level has its own environment so that user wont get bored seeing the same things.


The Pros:
  • Fast paced fun game-play.
  • Variety of characters to play with.
  • New Environments in each level with different boss fights.
The Cons:
  • Repetitive game-play.
  • No Story.
  • Controls are bit saggy.


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