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Overall score 75

Game Description: Time for some good ole’ fashioned war games! This time it is you (Snake???) fighting hordes of enemies. Luckily every 30 seconds or so a troop member appears to join you in your battle. Snake Squad is all about keeping your squad together and alive! Pardon my lame introduction but Snake Squad is a rather interesting game. Essentially the premise is you control your lone squad with the mouse and if you’re near an enemy you automatically shoot at them and can collect their fallen coins for upgrades. The catch is that every so often (starts out 30 seconds) a squad member appears and if you get to them they join your squad effectively doubling your fire power.


Snake Squad is quite fun to play and rather unique (although I have played similar games). The upgrades make it a tad better and do increase replay value quite a bit. The other factor which makes it quite good is the graphics, really like the theme they have going on.

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