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Overall score 91

Game Description: I never was much of a skater boy when I was growing up, in fact never really tried. But with games like Skater Boy do I really need to? Of course I’m joking, an app game is no replacement for an actual sport but nonetheless Skater Boy is still loads of fun.
One makes you go faster, the other makes you jump. The idea is to get from point A to point B while collecting stars and trophies as well as avoiding a plethora of pitfalls and obstacles. Along the way you do tricks automatically as well as on purpose which also increases your score. On each level you can earn three “badges” if you’re into full completion. You have a badge for collecting all five trophies scattered throughout the level, one for not hitting any obstacles (aka losing a “life”) and one for beating a predetermined high score (Hint: Collect as many stars as you can).

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