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Overall score 71

Game Description: First things first, Sift Heads: Street Wars – Prologue is exactly that; a prologue. It’s also sort of a demo for the full game Sift Heads: Street Wars which is going to be a multiplayer experience, but more on that later. So while I will touch on the promised multiplayer Sift Heads: Street Wars I am going to focus on this Prologue for a bit and sort of spot light it.  If you don’t know the Sift Heads series then you are missing out. It is perhaps one of the best rails shooters out there and features a great storyline loaded with action and the best part is there are a ton of games in the series and all are great. Sift Heads: Street Wars – Prologue is the first game/prologue to break free from the rails shooter genre and go full on top down shooter. Which makes sense as you cannot have a multiplayer rails shooter. So how does this top down perspective compare to the typical rails view? Honestly, pretty good.


My only issue is slightly in the controls and shooting but the majority of that problem lies in my bad internet connection and computer in general, although that is still an issue as it could limit a potential audience (those will slightly sub-par computers) and especially limit the audience when the official multiplayer Street Wars comes out. But aside from that issue everything is great. The graphics look amazing in 3-D and it is very cool to physically get to interact with places and things you just sort of see and click in the other Sift Head games.

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