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Overall score 78

Game Description: Ever wonder what is going on while you do all these side quests in huge expansive RPG games like Skyrim or even smaller adventure games like the Legend of Zelda series? What if I told you that while you are running around trying to find a picture of the most perfect round thing that Ganon just destroyed a whole village? Or dragons just blew up a caravan? Makes your sidequests seem so…insignificant and you really need to go do the main quest!


In a humorous flash game representation of this ideology, the game Side Quest, demonstrates this by showing dragon vs. robot action while you nonchalantly pick flowers for a one legged man. While simple and quick and maybe kind of annoying (the long distance you have to walk), the humor behind it still shines through and it screams, “truth!”. Great 2 minute play for fans of all sorts of video games.

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