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Overall score 65

Game Description: One of my, actually scratch that, my all time favorite multiplayer artillery flash game is back with a new and improved sequel! Shellshock Live 2! You may notice a long time ago I did a review on the original Shellshock Live and it was even old back then. Well a new and improved version is out so get to shooting some cannons!

If you are unfamiliar with the concept of the Shellshock Live series or artillery games in general it is quite simple. You are a tank which has all sorts of crazy weapons you can shoot at your enemies which you get a random selection of at the beginning of a match. You then adjust your angle and power of your shot to try and hit your opponents, note though that the ground changes with your shots and changes quite rapidly. Each weapon does something totally different and I am happy to say that in Shellshock Live 2 the weapons are even better!

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