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Overall score 75

Game Description: Much to my surprise I load up a new game on Kongregate and it turns out to be a game I helped beta test a few months ago! Guess Second Wind is up to the public and ready for a FlashMush flash review! Second Wind is an interesting game, it looks and feels like a really old retro game as it has that extreme pixel look. Very minimalistic. It also is a classic RPG dungeon crawler which features some nice features. Basically you pick a class (one out of many, kind of like Realm of the Mad God) and you go in looking for danger! You are exploring this dungeon and you have no clue what to expect and you end up finding lots of rather… humorous things and people from traveling masseuses to fighting lichen.


The humor is a big part ofSecond Wind and you’ll have a great time just reading all the dialogue which happens. Of course along the way you battle monsters and gain experience and gold and have to worry about your health. You can of course upgrade your weapons and secondary weapons (each character has different ones and different skill sets).

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