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Overall score 75

Game Description: It is about time I reviewed SAS Zombie Assault TD the tower defense counterpart to the SAS Zombie Assault series. I really like it when popular series deviate into other genres, kind of like Bubble Tanks and then Bubble Tank Defense does. Anyways, SAS Zombie Assault TD has been out for a while and I played it back then but with the recent release on Kongregate I was reminded again and decided to review it this time.
As you can gather from the “TD” part of the title, SAS Zombie Assault TD is a tower defense game but with the same production value that the SAS Zombie Assault games have. Which is impressive to say the least. You can also gather the theme. Zombies. The maps take you to dirty streets where you have to set up highly advanced automatic turrets and place other soldiers and snipers along with general barricades like barbed wire and sand bags to keep the zombies and other ghastly creatures out.

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