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Overall score 74

Game Description: Card game themed flash games really are an under appreciated genre I feel. If you think about it the first games in history where card games yet now we seem to shun them for the most part in the digital gaming age. Nonetheless, poker seems to be a big favorite for card game players and gamblers all over so why not make a flash game which has poker being a main theme. Well, Runespell Saga does exactly that and even takes it in a weirder direction by having this poker themed game but with heavy RPG elements thrown in!

Yes, you just read that right. A poker themed RPG; mind blowing right? Well let me explain it first. Basically you fight monsters and to win each level you need to defeat a certain amount of monsters or a boss. To defeat monsters you attack them with five card poker hands. So for instance a royal flush would have a certain attack value and a pair of pairs would have another. Keep these poker hand combos going and you’ll defeat your enemies in no time. Beware, though, that each click on a card you do it fills up your enemies’ attack meters and once full they attack you. Runespell Saga takes it a step further by introducing magic spells you can use to further increase your attack damage.

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