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Overall score 63

Game Description: Whenever I see a game by Jmtb02 and art by ArtJimp I get excited…really excited. He has made some great games including the Achievement Unlocked series and Chuck the Sheep. All in all most of his games are instant hits and rate very highly here on FlashMush. So when a new game of his came out today, Run Right, I stopped everything I was doing to play it and well… lets just say the experience was lackluster.

Note that I do kind of hold Jmtb02 on a higher standard than most games as I know he can produce consistent quality games. Run Right just didn’t sit well with me. In theory it is a fun game and I will admit right now it had me “addicted” for quite some time but more on that later. The general premise of Run Right is very simple, it’s a distance game with shooting elements. Pretty much like Turtle Trigger. However it is a staged distance game like Flight or even Burrito Bison to a certain extent. So in theory this is a good game.

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