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Overall score 79

Game Description: Run 2 Live: Great Escape is a unique runner type flash game and it reminds me a lot of 300 Miles to Pigsland. What I mean by this is you have the typical running/distance mechanics such as ducking (or rolling in this case) and jumping/combo jumping to avoid various traps and pitfalls. However, the game is broken down into levels of non-randomness and to pass each level you may need certain abilities. For example you may NEED to have a triple jump or NEED to have a certain level of acceleration. This is where the strategy comes into play and the similarity to 300 Miles to Pigsland.


In 300 Miles to Pigsland it wasn’t necessary but at the beginning if you upgraded certain things you could last longer at first therefore getting more coins and could upgrade faster. This is sort of the same idea in Run 2 Live. Upgrade certain things so you can last longer and complete the levels.

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