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Overall score 70

Game Description: Not far from a holy Fuji Mountain, in a small Japanese village lives ex-samurai who is sorry for his offensive and careless behavior and who wants to be employed by a new master. Although it was sometimes considered to be necessary for the life experience of any true samurai to be a ronin, his life without lord\u2019s stipend was getting rather difficult. He has been a target of humiliation and satire for too many years, and now you can save the ronin from his hateful life. Complete the solitaire and help him to get employed by a new master and win back all samurai privileges.


With picturesque cards and vivid pictures on the back, the game offers a new and refreshing look as you play a quick game of solitaire in Ronin Solitaire.

The Pros:

  • Colorful graphics.
  • Good Storyline.

The Cons:

  • Nothing special just like an ordinary solitaire

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