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Overall score 68

Game Description: Everyone wants to know the truth or troof as Potatoman says, but does anyone really find it? Well, the protagonist in PixelJAM’s latest retro inspired game, Potato-man Seeks the Troof, goes out into the world to find this so called troof and discovers much more such as murderous birds, flying sharks and crazy cacti.

Like most of PixelJAM’s games, Potatoman Seeks the Troof has the same retro, pixelated graphics as usual, it really has become a synonymous look with PixelJAM. But what exactly is Potatoman Seeks the Troof about other than a long mispelled title? Well, at its core it is just a platformer game, although barely. I suppose an action story game but it is a very difficult game to be honest. The difficulty comes partly from “cheap” tricks that kill you which come out of nowhere, like in the game I Wanna Be The Guy. This leads to a lot of memorization of certain obstacles until you complete the level.

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