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Overall score 71

Game Description: Everyone knows of Portal, you know, “The Cake is a Lie” and all that jazz. Everyone also knows that a while ago a flash version of Portal came out and it was a hit. Well, now it seems Wix Games  is here to create another Portal flash version game called Portal 2D and try and capitalize on that sweet Portal juice.

Now if you haven’t played or know of Portal you really have been living under a rock but basically it is a physics based puzzle game where you shoot portals around and then manipulate them to complete the puzzles. The original Portal games are of course in 3D so hence the “2D” part of the name, Portal 2D. In this flash version of Portal, though, everything is fairly the same. In fact Portal 2D boasts that it features all the same types of challenges that the real Portal video games feature.

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