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A while ago I did a belated review on an insanely popular tower defense flash game based on Pokemon called Pokemon Tower Defense. Well, the sequel and chapter 2 has been out for a little bit now called Pokemon Tower Defense 2 Generations and I’ve decided to review it as well! There have actually been many changes in gameplay style between the original Pokemon Tower Defense and Pokemon Tower Defense 2 Generations. The biggest change is that it plays much more like the original Pokemon games where you wonder the world and encounter Pokemon battles that way as well as trainers, other NPCs and buildings. In fact, Pokemon Tower Defense 2 Generations really fleshed out every aspect and has successfully made an RPG tower defense game I would say.

The tower defense battles or levels play quite similar to the original Pokemon Tower Defense game where you place your Pokemon at certain spots and you can choose their attack move and they also level up as they attack and kill other Pokemon. A big change, however, is since you wander freely now instead of just clicking from level to level you actually see the wild Pokemon you can battle.

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