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Overall score 86

Game Description: There is a puzzle video game concept that has spawned many a mini-game in various adventure games and is making a full on appearance in the flash gaming world and that is the concept of sliding puzzles. You know the kind. I first remember seeing the type in the original Pokemon Red and Blue versions where you are in the cave on the ice or pushing the boulders to drop in the holes. Where you need to push either an object or yourself in straight linear lines and can only be stopped by hitting other obstacles whereupon you shoot off into another linear line. The last flash game I reviewed with this concept was aptly entitled Slide but now comes Orbox C which takes the idea and polishes it up.


So by now you should know the general concept as it is a fairly prolific and standard video game puzzle conception. But how does Orbox C make a full fledged game out of it? Well, one it does make it look very good. Graphics are typical futuristic space theme, which may be a tad overplayed, but fits the theme well and looks good doing it.

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