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Overall score 79

Game Description: While it may seem I am a few years too late to talk about the big BP oil rig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico recent reports say that Hurricane Issac which passed through the Gulf a few days ago could stir up some of the oil and cause problems again. Furthermore oil spills happen all the time. In fact there is one just off of Cape Town, South Africa now. You may be wondering why I am talking about all this oil spill stuff on my flash game review blog. Well, a game that was made during the BP oil spill was brought to my attention a few days ago and really wanted to talk about it in terms of an actual review but also praise it in general as it is rare to find a game made to support a cause and I like the use of flash games in this medium. So what is the game in question? Well, it is the aptly entitled game Oil Spill Escape.


In Oil Spill Escape you play as a fish who must well…escape the oil spill which is barreling towards you. You must swim and jump as far and fast as you can so you don’t get choked in the black gooey oil. Obstacles are of course in your way in the form of oil rigs themselves and you can jump over them or swim through some. To go faster to stay ahead of the oil, make sure to eat smaller fish!

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