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Overall score 82

Game Description: Not only am I totally blown away by a game, especially not in multiple facets. NoNoSparks: Genesis is one of these rare beautiful moments. Not only are is the art and graphics worthy of a museum the gameplay is flawless and the idea is great!. NoNoSparks: Genesis sort of combines a few things and the product is awesome. Basically think of puzzling aspects by games brought to you by the developer Conceptis like his game series Color Link-a-Pix and then combine it with the story and “world” creating aspect as the highly popular series Doodle God. This is exactly what NoNoSparks: Genesis is.


You compete in these logic puzzles that each corresponds to an earthly element such as “earth” or “luminaries”, etc. Basic building blocks of the world. As you play the puzzles get harder and harder and the world grows and grows, also the “devil” comes into play and you start making evil objects to occupy the world as well.

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