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Overall score 81

Game Description: ¬†Nitrome is celebrating their 100th game with what may be their best game yet, Nitrome Must Die. I know…kind of macabre flash game title for such an amazing game company and game.¬†Nitrome Must Die is literally all 99 other Nitrome games and smushed together to make one awesome, amazing game. The premise is two guys are upset about the state of Nitrome and set out to destroy it.


This is where the mutiplayer tag comes into play although it’s not really online multiplayer but rather friendly, in-person co-op. So you get together with your buddy and settle in for a loooong time as you guessed it, there are 100 different levels. I feel as if I’ve been playing the game for the last four hours and I only just got to floor 70. There is a whole lot of level and a whole lot of fun to be had here.

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