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Overall score 70

Game Description: If Pixar and other animated movies have taught us anything it is that animals can do anything humans can do, including being ninjas! And here to confirm that is today’s flash game review, Ninja Panda Couple. Notice the word “couple” in the title, Ninja Panda Couple, and also notice who commissioned this game. The whole idea behind Ninja Panda Couple is that you can play with a friend! One player uses the arrow keys, the other uses WASD. Now I like the idea of this in theory or perhaps in video games in the past but it just seems like a hindrance nowadays especially in flash games. For instance, there is no added benefit to playing with two players in Ninja Panda Couple. One perhaps would think that there would be a benefit or some cooperative play between the two. No, the two characters just do the same generic platforming puzzles and if one dies its over.


So I of course just ended up playing the single player mode which then is just, like I said above, a generic platforming flash game. Nothing special at all. It has the typical gameplay moves such as wall jumping and such but nothing too special to wow me. I also found the graphics to be a tad dated and the controls aren’t as smooth as you would think. Overall, Ninja Panda Couple is an ok game but nothing special. If you like to play with a second player though it may be worth it.

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