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Overall score 71

Game Description: Ever since Angry Birds made catapult destruction games “cool”, it seems every developer and their mother wants to cash in on the fad and have been doing so for the last few years since Angry Birds was released. This has resulted in tons of games very similar to Angry Birds but also stale as they added nothing new and just wanted to cash in. Luckily, Ninja Cannon is not like this at all.
Ninja Cannon is a catapult (Ok, technically a cannon) physics based destruction game and it does have different units with different abilities, but that is where the Angry Bird similarities end. The units and their subsequent powers in Ninja Cannon are much more…interesting and strategic than in other catapult destruction flash games.


For instance you have one ninja character who slashes once at every object he comes into contact with, another which slows down time to throw object destroying shurikens out, and yet another which can pass through objects like a spirit. Of course there are others as well but each one is really unique toNinja Cannon and I have not seen their ideas in any other catapult game.

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