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Overall score 73

Game Description: I usually do not like games of this ilk for some reason. What ilk am I talking about? The genre of strategy defense games where you start off with one thing that has say 40 “units” to it and then you send your units to conquer the other things until you conquer all your opponent’s things. I know that was very vague but if you look at the screenshot I believe you’ll see what I mean.


Like I said, I usually do not like these types of games. But I do like the concept in Neo Circuit for some reason. It may unfortunately be because it seems to play easier than most other games of this genre. So while that may be a draw back to some, I guess I appreciate it. I also like the idea of different units you capture have different abilities aka some are stronger than others or can send out units faster than others. This seems to be a decently unique concept as all the other games in this genre I can think of did not have this and were pretty straight forward.

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