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Overall score 75

Game Description:  The latest on my repertoire it seems is MoonType: Episode 2. Now again, I have played plenty of typing games. Just a few being; Extreme Spelling and Ink Battle. And you may be thinking that the formula for typing games can’t really change all that much or get exciting. I kind of thought the same but with MoonType: Episode 2 I was proven wrong. It is an amazing typing/spelling game. It has all your typical spelling game features with a great difficulty curve and a great dictionary to boot.


The best though has to just be the theme which is kind of space battle or war. But basically you are fighting against space ships and there are various space ship enemies some of which take multiple word spellings to destroy them.This coupled with the insane amount of levels and the fact there is a number version as well really cements MoonType: Episode 2 as a great flash game but also a legitimate candidate for a serious educational typing game schools could use for students.

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