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Overall score 76

Game Description: Midas fits into the “Alone” theme quite easily if you know the story of Midas and his golden touch. Everything he touches turns to gold, even those he loves. So while he may not be alone, he can never truly be with someone. However, if he cleanses himself in a magic river he gets rid of his golden touch. This is what the game encompasses. It’s actually quite an ingenious puzzle concept that I’m surprised no one has really used before. You must get from the beginning of the level to the river and then touch your beloved. However, gold is heavy.


So if there are blocks above you and you turn them into gold they will fall down. This could create staircases to help you, or either block your passage or crush you. Overall it’s a fairly simple game but that is characteristic of these story platformer games which I appreciate so much and of course it was for the Ludam Dare under 72 hour challenge so that is taken into consideration.

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