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Overall score 85

Game Description: Aw, so cute. Two little steampunk brothers blowing up bombs collecting mechanical pieces  That’s what I got out of Mechanical Brothers. It is a generic physics puzzle game where you shoot mechanical pieces to the other brother to complete the level, of course you have to use bombs and other items to clear a path first and get that darn cannon trajectory right. Gameplay in Mechanical Brothers is a two part process. Shoot bombs in the right spots to blow up obstacles such as blocks of brick and chains and then shoot various mechanical pieces to roll and bounce to your other brother. In all honesty there are a few things about Mechanical Brothers that just seem…unnecessary.

mechanical-brothers-walkthroughTo win a level you only need to get two or three pieces to him yet they supply  you with over ten, plus a few are “fake” and disappear…weirdly unnecessary. I really just think making limitations would increase the puzzle aspect instead of just blinding shooting bombs, blowing everything up and then just spamming the mechanical pieces.

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