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Overall score 73

Game Description: One of the more famous board games would have to be Risk I would say. Sure a lot of people hate it and have various criticisms for it but there are also huge groups of people which love it and love other strategy games which are similar. There are so many people who love this “Risk” genre that even many online multiplayer games have sprung up to mimic and expand on the ideas and gameplay features brought to life from Risk. Now over my life I have played many of these online multiplayer Risk type games and I am here to talk about the latest one I have come across; MasterMind.LI.

Now MasterMind.LI has all the features a good Risk game or Risk mimic should have. First off it has the large world map divided into all the countries including the very small ones like Lebanon and Israel. There is no generalizing the world map into just the big players like other world domination strategy games do. Secondly, MasterMind.LI has all the different sub-features you could want. These include recruiting troops, making tanks, planes, napalm bombs and nukes.

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