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Overall score 91

Game description: He’d eaten mushrooms to grow in size. He’d picked flowers to throw balls of flame.He did everything to save his princess yes you guessed it right i am talking about the class adventure game of Mario Bros.Now its time to see Mario’s third adventure in which Bowser has become a father. His seven children, the Koopa Kids, have invaded the lands neighboring the Mushroom Kingdom – attacking their castles and casting spells on their kings (who have been transformed into animals). It’s up to Mario and Luigi to travel through these worlds, teach the Koopas a lesson, and reclaim the magic wands that have the power to reverse the transformation curse.


It’s an epic undertaking, especially from the NES era – and it’s a blast to play every step of the way.Super Mario Bros. 3 more than quadrupled the number of obtainables from the first game’s simple trio of Mushroom, Flower and Star – there’s a freshly-added Leaf that transforms the plumber into Raccoon Mario, giving him a whip-around frontal enemy attack and the power to fly; a Frog Suit that makes land travel cumbersome but swimming a cinch; and a Hammer Bros.

The pros:

  • Exiting Game-play.
  • Interesting Game Story.

Then Cons:

  • Boss’s are sometimes little difficult to defeat.

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