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Overall score 80

Game Description: It seems flash game developer Smokoko only knows how to make one type of game, judging by his latest flash game repertoire. First there was, what I called, an interesting flash game combination of action racing called Spy Car, but then out came Dead Paradise which was exactly the same concept…just a different reskin. I of course frown upon this reuse of material even though I know the developer is entitled to it, I just feel it cheap. Yet here again…another reskin called Made in Mafia. First a futuristic spy game, then a post-apocalyptic and now 1920s gangster flick, but all the same.

made in mafia screenshot

It really is disappointing to me at least. The foundation gameplay is decent. You pilot a car from point A to point B trying to destroy someone or just survive by shooting them. The levels are uneven so they have that sort of motocross physics based feel going on and there is a fairly extensive upgrade and achievement system.

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