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Overall score 70

It is always nice to see the familiar blue elephant that has come to signify jmtb02 games and his partnership with ArmorGames sponsorship. His latest game is entitled LOOT The Game and it is pretty much a typical jmtb02 game, hectic yet pretty addicting.
However, you will see the score is pretty low in comparison to most of his games I’ve reviewed like Achievement Unlocked 3. Why is this? Well…I found LOOT the Game to be too hectic…and yes that exists. The idea behind LOOT the Game is simple, you are robbing trains by shooting them or hitting them with various weapons. There are 100 trains to destroy and you win the game by destroying them all. The “loot” part of the game comes in the fact that as you attack the train cars loot in the form of weapons and armor falls of, of which you can click and grab to equip kind of like in an RPG game.


However the game does not stop when you click and grab an item to equip and I found it extremely difficult and not that fun to try and read the descriptions to see if it was a better piece of equipment than I already had and therefore would die.

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