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Overall score 87

If you know me or are an avid reader of my blog you do know that story flash games are my favorite. I love the simplistic gameplay style in exchange for a beautiful and deep story being presented to you. Lone Survivor provides that and more, it wraps you completely in this amazing experience. It does this in a few ways; Musically, the story itself and graphically. Graphically, Lone Survivor is fairly simple. It utilizes pix-elated graphics (another favorite of mine in flash games) but it goes beyond that and creates a sense that you really are this man, trapped in his apartment building with monsters all around you and you are slowly getting map. Flashes of light appear, you slow down randomly, things seem to dissipate and reappear.


It’s like you are watching the game unfold like an old fashion movie while also being a vital part of it. This is only amplified by the music which features the moans of the monsters around or the sounds of your feeble mind failing you as you think a party is occurring down the hall but it really is a feast for the zombies.

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