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Overall score 86

Game Description: Epic flash fighting game. Another fun twist to King of Fighters, great engine, fun game-play and awesome moves. Cool game!. Your objective is to beat all your opponents and Come to the top position to be a World Class top fighterNo matter which character you choose, the fighting itself feels more responsive than the previous game, and it’s easy to grasp. I’m not an expert at performing critical counters or drive cancels, but some good old-fashioned defense, timed combos, and quarter circle special moves took me pretty far.

King_Of_Fighters_wing_v1.zip king_of_fighters_94

I liked having Fatal Fury characters grouped together on the versus character select menu, but being restricted to preset teams for story mode is a drag. Overall, the fighting is fun whether you have a controller or fight stick, but newcomers will feel overwhelmed without a mentor or lots of deep research into the fighting engine.

The Pros:

  • Incredible Moves and Fast Paced Game.
  • Colorful Environments.

The Cons:

  • Lack of Good Story.

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