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Overall score 80

Game Description: I have always been a fan of the simple yet addicting Bejeweled type puzzle matching flash games. There is just something about the mindless matching aspect that gets me. Well, FlashRush Games (of Tech and Magic fame) are back with a sequel, Jewelanche 2, that takes that matching puzzle aspect and takes it to the next level.


Normally I compare games to the Bejeweled series and one possibly might think I’d do the same with Jewelanche 2, but the gameplay in Jewelanche 2 is actually a tad different. Instead of just matching 3 or 4 or perhaps 5 strands of gems or what have you in a structured blocky field you have more of a messy “avalanche” of gems in which you draw a line to match as many as you can, there is no limit! I’ve had strands easily pass ten gems of the same type. Now the trick in Jewelanche 2 is the different types of levels you have to play. There are some where you just need to match a certain amount of gems to pass, others introduce time limit or a more structured gameplay but overall the variety in gameplay is a nice refresher in these puzzle flash games.

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