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Overall score 87

Game Description: Seems Booblyc loves to make tower defense flash games as there latest game (and third game in general) is another tower defense game. Can’t say I blame them as they make some good ones (Their latest one was Keeper of the Grove which I gave an 8/10). So here they are again with a game entitled Incursion, however one thing just keeps nagging at me… Incursion is pretty much Kingdom Rush!

incursion-walkthroughI know, I know, bold claim to call out this new entry to the flash game tower defense a Kingdom Rush clone or a Kingdom Rush 2 replacement, but some of the similarities are quite uncanny. The main similarity betweenIncursion and the ever so popular Kingdom Rush is the graphics. Both have that really cartoonized but very detailed and smooth look. Can’t say I’m complaining as I love that art style and it really is professional looking. Even better is that it isn’t a direct copy of Kingdom Rush like some games have done.

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