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Overall score 84

Game Description: First off I will give the disclaimer that Incredipede World 1 is a demo of a full version, but even this demo on Kongregate shows how much potential Incredipede has and it is tons of fun even in this limited form. So what is Incredipede World 1 about? Well it is all about making creatures…literally making creatures such as making their legs, joints and muscles all work in conjunction with one another to reach goals. In a way it is like playing God and it can actually get kind of disturbing in some aspects.

incredipede-world-1-walkthrough incredipede-world-1

What I mean by that is you create these quite ugly looking monster creatures and then you control them but depending on how well you “created” them they just lumber and limp about seemingly groaning and making other disgusting noises (not really but in my imagination they are) as they crawl towards the check points.

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