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Overall score 76

Game Description: It’s December so another Christmas flash game review for you! This time it is the sequel to the frozen hit chain reaction game, Icy Gifts, called Icy Gifts 2. So rev up that clicking finger and get ready for some ice busting action! If you haven’t played the original Icy Gifts, or Icy Fishes, they are simply chain reaction games. Meaning you click on one thing, it explodes or does something, which triggers another, etc. What makes the Icy Gifts series so much fun is that the items which explode do not just explode but rather have all sorts of things which happen to them. For instance, in Icy Gifts 2 you have items which send torpedoes  nukes, mines, acid pools, etc.


What is even better to make the Icy Gifts flash game series fun or at least worthy to play is there is also a secondary goal as well. In Icy Gifts 2 it is unfreezing Santa Claus. This is accomplished by hitting him with as many things in your chain reactions as his number on his suit says.

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