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Overall score 76

Game Description: Undefined, the mastermind behind Quick Quests and the Arkandia Series is back with his crack at a tower defense game; Hordes of Hordes. While tower defense games are immensely popular I’m sure you have your series favorites like Bloons Tower Defense, Gemcraft, Cursed Treasure or Kingdom Rush and may be wondering what is special about Hordes of Hordes. Many things!
To be honest, based off of the tutorial and in a quick glance Hordes of Hordes may seem like an ordinary and maybe even boring tower defense game. However as you play and get deeper and deeper into the gameplay you realize that there is some real ground breaking elements here. First off, if you don’t know I like to break tower defense games into essentially two types. You have linear and non-linear path tower defense games. Linear would be like Bloons Tower Defense, Gemcraft, etc. that I listed above.


Whereas non-linear is sort of like Desktop Defense where you place blocks and sort of make your own linear path but in general it is pretty open ended. Hordes of Hordes manages to combine these elements. You have a fixed path to start off with but you can alter that path to make it a little longer or what have you. So technically I guess it leans more to the non-linear path side but it does have the appearance of linear paths.

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