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Overall score 87

Game Description:I’m always amazed at how game developers can make such great games in such a time period. Hence is the case with Gornax by Berzerk Studio, but then again what else do you expect from Berzerk Studio creators of great games like Sands of the Coliseum and Nuclear Justice 2084. Anyways, Gornax was created in 48 hours and you would never have thought that. The idea behind Gornax is actually quite cool and it utilizes two different phases under one theme. The theme is very…apocalyptic Rome I would suppose. You and three other soldiers are pitted in an arena with the task of killing this huge monster….just for entertainment purposes. So that is actually what the first phase is, you and three other soldiers either computer controlled or actually local multiplayer controlled.


Once (or if) you defeat the monster (aptly called Gornax) the crowd still needs to be entertained by blood lust so you’re pitted against each other in a shooter flash game free for all.

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